New concepts for just transitions: towards living well within planetary boundaries

The times of multiple crises of environment and society are urging us to seek alternative solutions to our societal, economical and institutional organisation. Many transitions are already underway, yet different actors understand and approach transitions very differently. Transitions do not only mean changes in technology: they are mainly changes in society, behaviour, culture and forms of politics. As a guiding principle, we assert tentatively that transitions into low-carbon society have to be just, fair, inclusive, participative, deliberative, solidary, and transdisciplinary. These transitions need to lead us to pluralistic societies that live dignified and solidary lives within planetary boundaries. Co-creating transitions requires spaces for reflection and deliberation to avoid reproducing path-dependencies and creating even deeper challenges.

By setting these basic parameters, we leave a lot of room for discussions and contemplations of how transitions could look like. To co-create thinking about these transitions, we cordially invite you to join us from 29 June to 3 July at the 2020 International Summer School of Political Ecology in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The International Summer School of Political Ecology aims tto enliven a space to share, debate and critically reflect on current research, practices, methodologies, and processes for just, inclusive and deliberative transitions to living well within planetary boundaries. The transitions are happening and will have to happen in many fields, but we have selected some that are especially visible: democracy and state, energy and transport, consumption and production, and land-use.

V veselje nam je, da nas bodo s svojo udeležbo počastili naslednji gostujoči predavateljice in predavatelji:

  • green state theorist prof. Robyn Eckersley,
  • urban critical political ecologist prof. Erik Swyngedouw,
  • teoretik energetskih prehodov in energetske pravičnosti prof. Benjamin Sovacool,
  • socio-ecological philosopher and degrowth scholar dr. Barbara Muraca,
  • critical circular economy scholar dr. Kersty Hobson,
  • food system transformation and participatory foresight method researcher dr. Aniek Hebinck,
  • economic historian and climate activist dr. Matthias Schmelzer,
  • environmental policy discourse scholar and distinguished professor of urban future
    Maarten Hajer,
  • economic policy adviser and Cuban agrarian relations expert
    Gladys Hernández,
  • and more.

The 2020 International Summer School of Political Ecology invites theoreticians, practitioners, activists and all those with interest in contemporary environmental and ecological concerns. Participation in the Summer School is FREE!


  • Earn points through accredited participation for PhD and Master students (10 ECTS / 5 ECTS).
  • Immerse yourself in cutting-edge transitions research with leading international and Slovene researchers and practitioners.
  • Develop critical thinking about transitions.
  • Enjoy summer school without fees.
  • Engage in interactive activities in the evenings, as well as discover Ljubljana.

Join us to co-shape new concepts for just transitions!

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