Full programme available

The full programme of the International Summer School on Political Ecology 2023, which will take place from 21 to 25 August, has been published on our website. We leave open the possibility of minor changes and corrections to the programme until the event takes place. 

We invite you to take a look at the lecture announcements and speaker presentations. The programme is varied and diverse and we are looking forward to a very interesting summer school. The first day is devoted to more general, conceptual perspectives on the fight against inequalities in the context of the Green Transition, the second to the key actors in these efforts (labour, environmental and feminist movements), and the third and fourth days are issue-oriented: on Wednesday we will focus on energy, and on Thursday on housing. Friday, as usual, is dedicated to the closing session, where the students of the accredited programme are given the floor. 

In addition to the lectures, the first four days will also feature a roundtable discussion, which will be linked to the topics presented that day. This is to bring the Summer School even closer to the idea of a forum for lively debate and controversy, as this is the only way to shake up existing knowledge, develop new concepts and learn new insights.

Welcome! See you at the end of August at the FDV in Ljubljana.

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